Stan Reg’d Clothing Shop and Al’s Tobacco and Dry Goods

Street Address : 68 Princess Street

The Rocheleau Building at 70-72 Princess Street is named after builder-owner Francis-Xavier Rocheleau. Note the initials “FXR” and date “1808” in the upper right corner of the building. It is the oldest extant limestone building in Kingston. By the 1950s, a men’s wear business, Stan’s Reg’d Clothing, operated out of 70 Princess. The family connections in Kingston’s Jewish community are somewhat entangled: Stan Smith, the proprietor, was Cecil Smith’s brother, and Cecil was Solomon and Jennie Cohen’s son-in-law.

During the Depression, a local Jew by the name of Al Shpiegll sold tobacco and dry-goods next door at 68 Princess; he had previously run a second-hand shop on the section of lower Princess known as “Little Jerusalem.”

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