Joseph Abramson’s Men’s Furnishings

Street Address : 336 Princess Street

Joseph Abramson, from Russia by way of Boston, was one of the first Eastern European Jews to settle in Kingston. He was related to, and responsible for the immigration of, several of the families that came in his wake, including the Zacks and the Abramskys.

According to the Kingston City Directory, his first foray in business in this city was launched across the street at 333 Princess. In 1893, it lists him as “Joseph Abramson, metal dealer and second hand goods.” By 1895 his brother Louis had joined him, opening a branch of the operation at the corner of Brock and Ontario (where Sugarman’s garage, Frontenac Auto and Electric was later situated.) By 1901, Joseph had begun a clothing store at 174 Princess.

His store at 336 Princess was described in 1909 as stocking “practically everything for a gentlemen’s wardrobe: clothing, general furnishings, and a splendid line of boots and shoes.”

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