St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Street Address : The north corner of Bagot and William
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The first Catholic Church in Kingston was constructed in 1808 by the mason F.X. Rocheleau at the corner of William and Bagot. It was the first church in Kingston to be built in stone and was fitted with a rooster made of metal. During the war of 1812 it served as a hospital for soldiers. It received the benediction of Mgr. Plessis of Quebec in 1816.

It was first known by the name of St. Joseph, and was later renamed St. Isidore. The clergy member Remi Gaulin of Quebec was the first priest of St Joseph’s Cathedral. The locals colloquially called it the French Church because of the numerous French speakers who attended the masses. It was unfortunately demolished in 1891.


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Heading : St. Joseph’s Cathedral
Location Name : St. Joseph’s Cathedral
City : Kingston
Period: 1800-1850

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