Street Address : 9 Ellice Street
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In October 1798, 38 nobles and former French officers who fled the revolution, arrived in Kingston with their families. They were joined by 21 French Canadian who were granted lands by the British Government. The Compte de Puisay was the head figure of the group. There are approximately 60 individuals in total and they set up residence within the area of Princess, Division, Raglan, and Barrie. This sector temporarily takes the name Picardville or “French Village”. The Count and his group departed for York (Toronto) in the spring of 1799 but the French Canadian members stayed. We know that one of these men, a certain Joseph Valliere, owner of several estates, did stay in Kingston for many years to follow.

Tours : Francophone
Heading : Picardville
Location Name : Between Princess, Raglan, Division, and Barrie
City : Kingston
Period: 1750-1800

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