Montreal Tavern

Street Address: Northwest corner of William and Wellington Street
Period: 1800-1850

The Montreal Tavern stood on the north-west corner of William and Wellington Streets. It was a popular spot for the soldiers who came to Kingston to participate in the War of 1812, as well as for the francophone population of the town, which is how it got its other name of ‘Old French Tavern.’ One of the first owners was a French immigrant, who was nicknamed the ‘Comte.’ It was a two story structure, with a disjointed frame and a porch that went along Wellington Street. Many politicians visited the establishment, including John A. MacDonald, who gave speeches from the balcony. It is very probable that this tavern, much like the Picard tavern in Picardville, suffered quite a bit when the soldiers left town. In any event, the building was torn down eventually and no longer exists.

Source : Edwin E. Horsey, Cataraqui, Fort Frontenac, Kingston (1945), p. 353-354.

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Montreal Tavern
Lieu actuel de la Montreal Tavern.
Photo : Sophie Perrad