Fung Lei: Kingston’s first Chinese laundryman

Street Address : Clarence St.

Fung Lei arrived in Kingston c1880, and was the first Chinese person to live in Kingston. Although the exact location of his residence is unknown, it is known that he lived and worked as a laundryman on Clarence Street between at least 1880-1881. Several times his business was the subject of assault from Kingston youths. On October 7, 1880 two juveniles were arrested for kicking his door but both were let off with a caution. A similar incident occurred on August 24, 1881 when a large group of juveniles threw stones at Fung Lei’s front door and window. Again, two young boys were arrested and Fung Lei took them to court. Both were released with a warning. Fung Lei disappeared from the records after 1881 and there was a period of almost a decade before the next Chinese resident settled in Kingston.

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Heading : Fung Lei: Kingston’s first Chinese laundryman
Location Name : Clarence St.
City : Kingston
Period : 1850-1900
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