Project Coordinator                              Jeremy Heil

Research Manager                               Heather Home
  Black History                                         Rick Neilson
  Chinese History                                     Andrew Peach
  French History                                       Sophie Perrad
                                                               Allan Soini
  Gay and Lesbian History                        Marney McDiarmid
                                                               Veronica Blackbourn
  Jewish History                                       Dr. Gordon Dueck
  Prisoner's History                                  David St. Onge
Editor                                                     Jennifer McKendry
Digitization and Metadata Manager     Michael Vandenburg
Digital Assets Developers                    Patricia Mader
                                                               Minh-Tu Do
                                                               Hope Hutchins
                                                               Andrew Peach
                                                               Ashley Williamson
Web Development Manager                Frank Huntley
Graphic Designer                                  Rachael Attewell
Accessibility Testing                             Andrew Ashby
                                                               Michele Chittenden     

Learning Materials Manager
                Dr. Rosa Bruno-Jofré
Learning Materials Developer             Dr. Theodore Christou
Translators                                            Stéphane Detchou
                                                               Usha Rungoo
                                                               Allan Soini
Narrator (English)                                Deirdre Bryden
Narrator (French)                                Stéphane Detchou
Sound Editor                                          Jeremy Heil
Promotional Manager                           Anita Jansman
Graphic Designer                                  Rachael Attewell